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About Anxiety
Anxiety is characterised by an unpleasant state of internal turmoil and feelings of dread. Various types of anxiety exist, usually in response to a particular event or stressor, such as performance anxiety. Anxiety is also experienced chronically by those suffering from anxiety disorders, such as generalised anxiety disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder or panic disorders. Anxiety is something that is experienced by almost everyone at some point and is not itself necessarily indicative of an anxiety disorder, especially if feelings of anxiety are infrequent / mild.
What does this test measure?

Our Anxiety test is based on a variety of publicly available anxiety measures commonly used in individual differences research. You will be asked 20 multiple choice questions, with our anxiety test taking less than 3 minutes to fully complete. This test should not be used as a diagnostic tool, it is here purely as an educational tool. The results of this assessment do not constitute a diagnosis, they simply highlight self-reported instance and severely of perceived anxiety.