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About Autism

Autism is a condition characterised by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviour. Autism exists on a spectrum, ranging from high functioning autism and Asperger’s, to individuals with severe learning disabilities. Many behaviours and behavioural dispositions are typically associated with autism, behaviours that we all display to varying degrees. Just as autism itself exists on a spectrum, propensity towards these behaviours also exists on a continuum, with some people very frequently displaying these behaviours and some displaying them very infrequently.

What does this test measure?

Our Autism test is based on the Broad Autism Phenotype Questionnaire (Hurley et al, 2006), designed to measure the expression of autistic behaviours in adults. This test should not be used as a diagnostic tool, it is here purely as an educational tool. You will be asked 36 multiple choice questions, with our Autism test taking less than five minutes to complete. The results of this assessment do not constitute a diagnosis, they simply highlight a propensity towards (or against) behaviours commonly associated with autism, which include: a lack of interest or enjoyment in social interaction, little interest in change or difficulty adjusting to change, and deficits in the social aspects of language.