Inductive Reasoning

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About Inductive Reasoning

Inductive reasoning tests measure a candidate’s ability to logically and rationally solve problems based on observed patterns. Inductive reasoning tests provide candidates with a series of diagrams, of which there is an underlying rule affecting the layout of the diagram, requiring the candidate to identify the pattern. Typically, candidates will need to choose between 4-6 possible answers and will typically be under timed conditions throughout the test. Inductive reasoning tests frequently go hand in hand with other aptitude tests, such as numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests. Also, candidates may be required to take a personality questionnaire or a situational judgement alongside their inductive reasoning test.

Psychological research has found that inductive reasoning tests are highly valid measures of a person’s cognitive ability, and therefore is frequently used in the world of work as a selection tool. Companies use online testing when administering inductive reasoning tests, with relatively few organisations still using paper/pencil testing for aptitude tests. Inductive reasoning tests tend to be used in one of three ways, depending on the employer and the role. Firstly, inductive reasoning tests may be used as early screening tools to identify top talent early. Secondly, candidates may need to take an inductive reasoning test alongside an interview, or just before an interview. Finally, candidates may need to take an inductive reasoning test during an assessment centre, alongside a variety of different exercises. In any case, practising inductive reasoning tests will help maximise your performance and increase your chances of success at the interview.