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About Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand, comprehend and critically evaluate written information. Verbal reasoning tests typically provide a passage of information, around a paragraph in length, and require candidates to answer questions related to the information presented in that passage. Questions will be presented in multiple choice format, and candidates will likely need to choose one of 3-5 possible answers. Verbal reasoning tests are often combined with other aptitude tests, which may include numerical reasoning, inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning tests. Similarly, candidates may be asked to complete a personality questionnaire alongside their verbal reasoning test.

Psychological research has found that verbal reasoning tests, along with other cognitive ability tests, are powerful predictors of performance at work, and therefore is commonly used in employee selection. Generally speaking, few organisations use paper/pencil style testing for verbal reasoning, instead opting to use online testing, which offers comparative advantages. Companies tend to use verbal reasoning tests in three different ways. First, they may use a verbal reasoning test as an early screening tool to identify top performing candidates early. Secondly, companies may use a verbal reasoning test alongside an initial interview, either alongside an interview or a few days before. Lastly, employers may use verbal reasoning tests during an assessment centre, alongside a wide variety of other tests and exercises. However a verbal reasoning test is used, candidates must ensure that they are ready and prepared before taking their test. You can find many verbal reasoning test tips online.