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About Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning is the ability to understand, comprehend and draw logical conclusion from numerical data. Numerical reasoning tests tend to vary in format. Often, numerical data will be presented in the form of a graph or table, but this may not always be the case. Numerical reasoning questions will most often be multiple choice format, but occasionally questions may require candidates to manually type the answer. Numerical reasoning tests may be used as stand-alone assessments, or could be used in combination with a variety of different aptitude tests. Also, candidates may be asked to complete a personality questionnaire alongside, or shortly after their numerical reasoning test.

Psychometric research has found that numerical reasoning tests are powerful predictors of future job performance. Therefore, along with other aptitude tests, candidates are frequently required to undertake numerical reasoning tests as part of an employee selection process. Numerical reasoning tests are typically completed online, with few organisations still relying on paper/pencil style testing. Numerical reasoning tests tend to be used at three different stages of the recruitment process. Firstly, they could be used as an early screening tool, identifying high performers for the next stage. Secondly, candidates may take a numerical reasoning test concurrently with an interview, or shortly before. Finally, candidates may be required to take a numerical reasoning test at an assessment centre, as part of a wide range of selection tool and exercises. Regardless of how the numerical reasoning test is used, candidates will need to ensure that they are adequately prepared in order to maximise their chances of success. Candidates can find numerical reasoning test tips online to help them prepare.

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