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About Situational Judgement Tests

Situational Judgement Tests or SJTs are a type of psychometric test which presents the candidate with realistic workplace situations and a variety of ways in which they could respond to them. Candidates are usually asked to select the options they believe to be the “Most Effective” and the “Least Effective”, although some variations require test takers to rank the responses in order of effectiveness or select the option they are most likely to opt for in real life. Situational judgement is an important element in a variety of jobs and implementing situational judgement tests throughout candidate selection helps employers to identify whether the individual is likely to react to trying situations in the most effective manner. According to psychological research, situational judgement tests offer incremental validity when combined or paired with other psychometric tests, meaning that those required to complete an SJT will often be required to take one or more psychometric test(s) in addition to this.

Although situational judgement tests have been around for approximately fifty years, they did not become popular for use within the workplace until the 1990’s and are now increasingly used throughout sifting or selection procedures by a large number of companies.

Here are some situational judgement test tips to help candidates understand the format and improve their sjt skills.